Sony says 30% of Crackle video viewers don't pay for TV service


Executive Vice President of Digital Networks Eric BergerMore than 15 million mobile users have now downloaded Sony Pictures' multiplatform Crackle video app, Executive Vice President of Digital Networks Eric Berger tells FierceOnlineVideo. "The whole connected TV space is a very big piece of the pie and growing for us," Berger says. "We have about 12 million uniques for Crackle overall, and almost half of that is on connected devices, and that's a really big growth area for us."

Crackle also keeps Sony content in front of viewers who've abandoned traditional broadcasting services. "It's a little bit fluctuating, but we believe it's about 30 percent or one-third of the audience who do not have a pay service," Berger states. "A lot of people talk about cord cutting, and that's the metric that the people focus on, but we always talk about the cord nevers--that's the cohort to watch for this type of content." On the Hot Seat