Spain's Telefonica Digital launches web-based Smart M2M platform

Smart M2M offers enterprises fleet monitoring, localization and fraud detection.

Spain's Telefonica Digital launched its Smart M2M platform--which provides web-based connectivity, management and control of machine-to-machine communications--this week.

Developed in-house by Telefonica's research and development team, the Smart M2M offers enterprises real-time monitoring of traffic type, volume and fuel consumption, technical supervision of connected devices, localization and fraud detection.

Smart M2M customers are able to tap into customer support in their local language and over a locally maintained network. Local SIM cards can be used and data can be confined to the country, allowing compliance with local regulation.

Telefonica said the Smart M2M platform is now available in Spain and Brazil and it plans to expand availability to Chile, Argentina and the Czech Republic in the near future.

In a recent interview with FierceMobileIT, John Horn, president of M2M provider RACO Wireless, said that enterprises can improve their overall productivity and efficiency, as well as benefit from up to a 40 percent return on investment, using M2M.

Enterprises uses of M2M include management of fleets, energy consumption, inventories and assets. "I am astonished how many big companies lose really expensive things. They have no clue where they are. Just being able to track and manage these valuable assets is a huge win for companies," Horn said.

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