Spotify urges labels to allow richer mobile music experience


Spotify is pressing recording industry partners to consider offering consumers new ways to sample its streaming music service, contending that improving the mobile experience will increase interest in paid subscriptions.

Last month, The Verge reported that Spotify is petitioning its licensing partners to extend its ad-supported free streaming music option to mobile listeners. At present, only premium Spotify subscribers may access the service's 16 million songs via mobile device; Spotify's apps for operating systems including Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android and Microsoft's (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows Phone are free to download and include 30 days of free service, but once the trial ends, consumers are charged $9.99 per month to access the full slate of services.

Citing multiple music industry sources, a follow-up Verge report states Spotify has floated a number of related ideas, including allowing users of its free service to select a limited number of tracks for listening on mobile devices. Spotify would like consumers to access the songs for several months before they must be replaced, although users may be required to swap out the tracks after a designated number of listens.

Spotify has also suggested allowing mobile users the flexibility to choose the order in which tracks are played, provided they agree to listen to a few ads; some label executives prefer that the free tracks play in a random order. Still another proposal would allow Spotify to begin programming content once listeners have cycled through their handpicked songs.

Spotify is available in 17 countries and touts more than 24 million active users across all platforms. In some markets, close to 20 percent of users have converted to premium services.

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