Spotlight: Nokia works with AirWatch to deploy Windows Phone 8 MDM offering to staff


Nokia (NYSE: NOK) is implementing an AirWatch mobile device management product for its 25,000 staff members who use a corporate-issued Nokia Lumia smartphone, according to a report by ZDNet. Last year, Nokia worked with AirWatch to develop an MDM offering for the Windows Phone 8 mobile environment. "At the time, Windows Phone 8 was a very young platform, and there were things we had to work on very closely with AirWatch at the end of last year to get things going," Niko Mykkanen, global head of business-to-business sales at Nokia, told ZDNet. Initially, Nokia tried out the MDM system with 500 employees, but now it is in the process of rolling MDM to all of its employees with Lumia phones, the report noted. Read more