Sprint launches open software platform


In conjunction with its eighth annual Application Developer Conference, taking place later this week, Sprint announced the launch of an open software platform that promises to unify the desktop and mobile developer communities in an effort to accelerate the delivery of new wireless applications and services. The Sprint Open Software Platform, initially deploying via the Sprint Titan platform for Windows Mobile devices, will extend to mobile developers the same codes, tools and resources used for desktop applications--the platform is an open, standards-based mobile Java ecosystem, and heralds the first of several open software efforts the operator will launch in the months ahead.

The Sprint Open Software Platform offers support for existing MIDP Java ME applications as well as the CDC/Foundation Java Virtual Machine and OSGi framework. In addition, support for the Eclipse embedded Rich Client application model enables the platform to run generically-written rich GUI applications across a range of devices and desktop computers. The platform also supports widgets, guaranteeing developers the means to efficiently translate Eclipse-based or web applications from the desktop to Sprint devices.

According to Sprint, the open platform will offer APIs for operator-specific device features including location, messaging and multimedia. Related developer tools plug in to Eclipse IDE and support both mobile and non-mobile application development and deployment, leveraging existing server or desktop frameworks to deliver on-device debugging and profiling as well as device emulation. Moreover, Sprint promises enterprise developers device management functionality to extend remote device and applications management to account administrators. Developers may access the full suite of Sprint Titan development resources here.

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