StrikeForce introduces MobileTrust to thwart mobile hacking


SAN DIEGO--StrikeForce Technology, a provider of software security solutions for the Web, is expanding its services to mobile with a series of apps for tablets and handsets running Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS and Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android.

The company revealed MobileTrust here at CTIA MobileCon in San Diego. MobileTrust is expected to come to market by year-end. Of note is a secure Web browser for users looking to access secure content or enterprise customers working with sensitive data.

Information accessed as well as keystrokes are usually logged on the device explained StrikeForce CTO Ram Pemmaraju, speaking to FierceMobileContent. MobileTrust wipes this information preventing malicious misuse of private information.

"It makes it safe to access banking information and other private data," Pemmaraju said.

"Keyloggers have been one of the biggest unresolved security problems in the desktop world, and already they have infested the mobile marketplace," said George Waller, EVP of StrikeForce, in a release. "The 'same ole' solutions that are failing the desktop world just don't work for the mobile device, which is why we created the MobileTrust security bundle. It includes six of the most powerful must-have security features that every enterprise mobile user or consumer needs to be secure, including mitigating the threat of keyloggers."

Pemmaraju said that users can expect a version for Windows Phone 8 after the initial release of its Android and iOS apps.

Mobile security was a hot topic at MobileCon. A variety of vendors and presenters stressed the importance of keeping devices secure from mobile malware and hackers. They aren't wrong. Mobile malware threats have grown exponentially in the past year. McAfee reported unprecedented growth in new mobile malware threats in the second quarter of 2012. In fact, the total number of malware samples in McAfee's database exploded from under 2,000 threats in 2011 to over 13,000 in 2012 so far.

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