Study: Facebook app reaches 70% penetration on iPhone


Facebook's (NASDAQ:FB) mobile social networking application is installed on 70 percent of all smartphones running Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS but just 40 percent of devices powered by Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android, according to data from Enders Analysis' Benedict Evans.

Facebook MAUs

Android accounts for 16 percent of Facebook users, ahead of the iPhone at 13 percent.

As of September 2012, Facebook reported 470 million monthly active users across its mobile applications and 134 million more mobile Web users, accounting for 604 million mobile users within its 1.07 billion worldwide userbase. On a percentage basis, Android accounts for 16 percent of Facebook users, ahead of the iPhone at 13 percent, feature phones at 7 percent and BlackBerry at 6 percent: "140 million people were using the iPhone app, and 176 million [were] using the Android app," Evans writes. "Between them these are a quarter of Facebook's base, and almost certainly a higher proportion of use." 

From a penetration perspective, however, iOS far surpasses Android. "The iPhone install base in September 2012 was perhaps 200 million, giving Facebook 70 percent penetration," Evans writes. "The Android base was maybe 550 million. However, at least 100 million (a very rough estimate) was in China with no access to Facebook, giving Facebook an effective penetration of 40 percent of the 450 million phones outside China… This might be a geographic issue, with Android having higher share in emerging markets with lower Facebook use, but it probably also reflects the widely observed lower engagement on Android. There may also be app quality issues."

Evans added that Facebook is becoming a mobile app-based service "first and foremost. Almost half the base is using smartphone apps, and we can be sure it's more than half the use, especially in developed markets, where 75 percent of users are on mobile in some form."

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