T-Mobile USA relaunching Bobsled VoIP solution for Facebook next week


Roughly a month after disabling Bobsled, a free application enabling users to place Internet calls to friends logged into Facebook chat, T-Mobile USA said it will bring back the service early next week. A T-Mobile USA spokesperson confirms the operator will relaunch Bobsled either Monday or Tuesday.

T-Mobile Bobsled

T-Mobile's Bobsled is relaunching after premiering and being shut down in April.

T-Mobile USA shuttered Bobsled in late April, hinting that consumers confused the service with official Facebook communication solutions."We are voluntarily and temporarily suspending the Bobsled service as we work with our partners at Facebook to address their design questions, including working to ensure that the Bobsled experience is clearly differentiated and is not mistaken for a Facebook created property," T-Mobile USA stated last month on its Facebook page. "We apologize to our customers for this temporary disruption in service." Facebook later confirmed the Bobsled app violated the social network's policies, adding it would work with T-Mobile USA to resolve the problem.

Dow Jones reports that T-Mobile USA has made changes to Bobsled, but the operator declined to comment on specifics.

T-Mobile USA launched Bobsled in association with VoIP solutions provider Vivox, which also manages VoIP services for other social platforms, including online gaming networks. In addition to VoIP calls, Bobsled enables users to send private or public voicemails to their friends' Facebook walls. Neither Facebook user needs to be a T-Mobile subscriber--only the caller is required to have installed Bobsled. Moving forward, T-Mobile plans to introduce additional Bobsled features including video chat and smartphone/tablet accessibility.

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