Tapjoy, PapayaMobile team for Android social marketplace


Social gaming platform provider PapayaMobile will collaborate with value exchange mobile ad network Tapjoy to create a social marketplace enabling Android gamers to discover new titles based on their popularity within the PapayaMobile user community.

PapayaMobile and Tapjoy will deliver game recommendations based on the titles each user's Papaya contacts are playing, with all popularity metrics leveraging anonymous data in order to respect consumer privacy. The firms say that the recommendations will benefit app developers by delivering enhanced engagement and increased monetization, at the same time allowing Tapjoy to serve more relevant and targeted ads. The social marketplace will go live by the end of 2011; to participate, developers must first integrate the Papaya Social SDK and Tapjoy Publisher SDK into their Android efforts.

PapayaMobile touts more than 35 million users. Its platform offers developers the tools to build gaming experiences that leverage the social graph by fostering user interaction--its SDK also includes location-based capabilities enabling developers to integrate features like real-world check-ins and virtual badges. Last month, PapayaMobile expanded its development toolkits to Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS, enabling developers to connect users across both iOS and Android for in-game features like player challenges, invitations and leaderboards.

Tapjoy continues to reinvent its business, moving away from its original pay-per-install monetization and distribution model after Apple began aggressively rejecting iPhone and iPad applications that offer incentives--e.g., virtual currency--to encourage users to download other apps. Tapjoy offers personalized app marketplace services that promise consumers customized application recommendations based on their likes and dislikes, the apps they're currently using, apps that are popular among their friends and other predictive factors. Users can accumulate virtual currency by installing sponsored apps, watching videos, subscribing to services and purchasing discounted products--consumers can also earn rewards by actively engaging with ads.

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