Testing tips to spot app monkey business


Everyone knows that mobile devices can fall victim to plenty of monkey business, but there are generic "monkey testing" tips that you can use to be sure your mobile apps are in good order.

An article at Business 2 Community notes that "there are no hard and fast rules to define use cases for monkey testing. A lot of these test cases would overlap with performance testing or load testing or any other testing for that matter."

While the type of app and device affects the kind of testing, there are certain generic testing scenarios that users might want to try with their apps, the article notes. They include:

  • Check the app response, when changing the device orientation continuously in different angles
  • Check whether the app is detained, when dragging the screen to the top or bottom end continuously
  • Check the app response, when tapping on the list item while scrolling the list
  • Check whether the app screen is loading continuously without any data and network failure message, when there is network problem after the data call
  • Check whether the app crashes, when scrolling the list up and down rigorously

The article offers more tips for monkeying around with your mobile apps.

For more:
- check out the Business 2 Community article

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