Tizen fueling excitement among mobile developers


It's still early days for the open source mobile OS known as Tizen, but developers like Ahmet Yildirim are already benefiting from the platform. Yildirim recently became the grand prize winner of an Intel Core i7 desktop as part of a contest sponsored by the chipmaker for writing about his experience porting his HTML5 game, LunarCannon, from Nokia's now-abandoned MeeGo platform to Tizen. Yildirim said the process took only a matter of minutes and he sees great potential in Tizen, which could power apps on everything from smartphones to tablets and even smart TVs.

"There is a huge demand towards HTML5 mobile application development, which offers easy cross-platform implementation," he said. "When you have only one user interface that is popular enough to become standard, it brings all the development power in one particular area rather than having each developer eco-system investing in their own user interface libraries (and) trying to make them faster and better." Feature