Today's best-dressed entrepreneur sports a smartphone


Perhaps it comes as no surprise, but the smartphone has just edged out the laptop as the top business tool among young entrepreneurs.

According to an article at Information Age, "more than half of young entrepreneurs believe a smartphone is as important to running a business as a car or laptop."

Citing recent research from OnePoll commissioned by Xero, the article notes that "52 percent of the 500 young people questioned rated a smartphone and a car or van as the top essentials for business, closely followed by 51 percent who needed a laptop."

The survey also reveals bad news for PC makers, who continue to suffer a decline in sales growth. Only 27 percent of respondents cite the PC as a top business tool today.

"This survey is telling us that the desktop is dead--the new generation want the ability to access all files and documents, speak to customers and associates and run an enterprise from anywhere, whether it is in the street or half way up a mountain," the article quotes Xero executive Gary Turner as saying. "This accessibility is going to be a really key development in the future of business."

The survey also confirms that social media is an important business tool, with nearly a third of respondents (32 percent) saying that having an established social media network is an essential tool for organizations today.

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