Twitter's Vine stretches to Amazon's Kindle Fire, beats Instagram to tablets


Twitter is porting its popular Vine video sharing application from smartphones to tablets, releasing a new version optimized for Amazon's (NASDAQ:AMZN) Kindle Fire. The free Vine app is available for download from Amazon's Appstore for Android.

Vine, introduced for Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS in January and ported to Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android earlier this month, enables mobile device owners to film and share videos running no longer than six seconds. Consumers can shoot clips in a single take or pause the recording to string together montages of brief shots. Vine's 13 million users are now sharing more than 1 million videos each day.

The Kindle Fire is Amazon's best-selling product: Although the digital retail giant has never released official sales totals, mobile app analytics firm Localytics reported earlier this year that Kindle Fire units sold to U.S. consumers alone account for 33 percent of all Android-based tablets worldwide. Vine's expansion to the Kindle Fire makes the app available to a significant new customer segment but also establishes a beachhead on tablets: So far, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB)-owned rival Instagram has not rolled out a native app optimized for the Kindle Fire or any other tablet.

Instagram added video options to its core photo sharing and filtering features late last month. The revamped app lets users shoot video clips up to 15 seconds long and also touts 13 unique filters designed for video only, a custom cover frame to represent the video in a user's Instagram feed and a video stabilization feature called Cinema.

Vine shares across the Twitter platform have fallen off precipitously in the days since Instagram added video, social analytics firm Topsy reports. Users shared close to 2.5 million Vine links to Twitter on June 19, the day prior to Instagram's video announcement. Vine shares plunged to a little more than 1.5 million on June 20--a one-day drop of almost 40 percent--and continued declining in the days to follow, plummeting to just 900,000 on June 26, down almost 70 percent compared to Vine's June 15 peak of 3 million link shares.

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