UK firms choose 'CYOD' over 'BYOD'

CYOD policy favored by 60 percent of surveyed firms

U.K. firms are opting for 'choose your own device' twice as often as 'bring your own device,' according to a survey of 224 firms conducted by Shape the Future on behalf of Azzurri Communications.

Deployment of CYOD is increasing at a 12 percent rate among the U.K. firms surveyed, compared with a 6 percent growth rate for BYOD, according to a report on the survey by Computerworld UK.

CYOD is a policy in which the user can choose from a corporate-approved list of mobile devices for business and personal use, while the SIM card is owned by the company. This is similar to the 'corporate owned, personally enabled' trend among U.S. firms.

Close to one-third of UK firms have opted for a CYOD policy, while only 17 percent have agreed to a BYOD policy, the survey found. A full 60 percent said that CYOD is the best mobility approach for them, compared with only 13 percent that believe BYOD is the way to go.

"Despite all the puff and promise of BYOD, the evidence shows that adoption is far lower than the hype would lead us to believe," observed Rufus Grig, chief technology officer of Azzurri Communications.

"BYOD promises the world, but in reality most organisations are left paralysed and confused by what BYOD can really offer, so in the end they stick to what they know and avoid large-scale, companywide BYOD deployments," he added.

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