Unisys says Stealth for Mobile makes devices, data and users 'virtually invisible'

Stealth uses data cloaking, encryption to protect mobile users from cyberattacks

Unisys is launching its Stealth for Mobile product, enabling enterprises to safeguard employees' smartphones and tablets against cyberattacks and hacking threats.

Unisys (NYSE: UISsaid Stealth for Mobile leverages advanced data cloaking and encryption techniques to render devices, information and end users "virtually invisible" on the network--creating secure communities within an enterprise where only designated users can access or view information. The solution fuses Unisys Stealth technology with mobile application wrapping security software to give IT managers the flexibility to define specific security policies on a per-app basis.

"Unlike other security solutions such as virtual private networks, Unisys Stealth for Mobile cryptographically protects data all the way to the application--a much more secure approach for BYOD environments," said Rod Sapp, Unisys vice president of products and technology. Unisys also integrates a layer of identity-based security that limits interaction and visibility rights solely to those data center assets each particular user is entitled to access.

Unisys Stealth for Mobile implementation requires no new code or changes to the app. The solution is also transparent to end users, guaranteeing they have the same access rights across all devices they use to access their firm's data center.

The Unisys Stealth solutions suite spans multiple digital platforms, promising defense-grade security tools optimized for public sector and commercial enterprises. Unisys has built Stealth to meet the requirements of the National Security Agency's National Information Assurance Partnership Common Criteria EAL-4+ certification, which is designed to protect data-in-motion across both private and public networks.

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