US BYOD policies may not translate in Europe

Allowing personal use of corporate-owned devices is the preferred solution in Europe, Forrester finds

Corporations with staff or entire offices in Europe may have trouble applying BYOD policies "made in America" to employees across the pond.

While many American enterprises have embraced BYOD formally, a Forrester study finds that BYOD in Europe is still primarily happening "off the book" with few formal programs in place.

The Forrester study cited by Diginomica identifies several barriers to BYOD in Europe. For one, cross-border data roaming is cost prohibitive. What's more, tighter employment regulations, employee data protection laws and tax and labor laws make BYOD adoption more difficult in Europe.

A similar survey from Shape the Future, which we previously reported on in FierceMobileIT, found that BYOD is unpopular in the U.K., with firms opting for choose your own device (CYOD) twice as often as BYOD.

The Forrester study agrees that CYOD is the preferred solution for Europe.

Allowing personal use of corporate-owned devices strikes a middle ground and will help enterprises avoid the cost and liability pitfalls that can come with BYOD implementation in Europe, says the Diginomica article.

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