US companies pulling back from BYOD, finds CompTIA survey


Not everyone, it would seem, is embracing BYOD. According to an online survey of 375 U.S. IT professionals by CompTIA, U.S. companies are pulling back from BYOD programs.

A full 53 percent of respondents said their company does not allow BYOD, up significantly from the 34 percent in a CompTIA survey conducted in 2013. The percentage of companies that allow partial BYOD has contracted. Only 40 percent of respondents said they allow partial BYOD, down from the 58 percent that allowed it two years ago. Partial BYOD is defined by CompTIA as a situation "where the company provides some devices but allows some personal devices to access corporate systems."

Surprisingly, the percentage of companies that allow full BYOD is about the same this year as compared with 2013, while it is up from 2014.

"There is a clear move towards a policy of no BYOD," said CompTIA in its report "Building Digital Organizations."

"Companies are finding that they can pursue mobility initiatives just as well by providing mobile devices, and employees are often happy enough to take a corporate device if it is the same thing they would choose on their own," the associated added.

The CompTIA survey results contrast with a survey conducted recently by cloud-based mobile messaging provider Tyntec. According to the survey, 61 percent of U.S. employees use their personal devices as work, with close to half using only their personal phone for work. Tyntec polled 1,320 employees in the U.S., U.K. and Spain for the survey.

The jury is still out about whether U.S. firms are pulling back from BYOD. The fact remains that employees are bringing their own devices to work, whether their company official permits or not. So IT departments need to assume that BYOD devices are on their networks and take measures to ensure their data and networks are secure.

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