U.S. smartphone users spend around 300 MB per month on Facebook, report shows

Facebook consumes around 150 MB per month of 3G, LTE data

According to new data from Mobidia, U.S. smartphone users chew through around 300 MB per month accessing Facebook's (NASDAQ:FB) mobile offerings. And that figure is split relatively evenly between cellular and Wi-Fi access to the social networking service.

Mobidia shows that U.S. smartphone users on LTE connections consumed slightly more data than their 3G counterparts. Further, the firm's numbers indicate U.S. users consume more data accessing Facebook than those in the United Kingdom, South Korea and Canada.

Mobidia obtained its findings via its mobile app. Millions of mobile users across the globe use Mobidia's "My Data Manager" app on iOS and Android to manage their cellular data consumption. A portion of those users anonymously send reports on their data consumption and application usage to Mobidia, which the company said gives it a view into on- and off-network data consumption in over 600 different cellular networks around the world.

The company's findings, from April, are noteworthy considering Facebook was the nation's most popular smartphone application, according to January findings from research firm comScore. ComScore reported that Facebook's iOS and Android mobile apps were accessed by 85.6 million unique visitors in December, ahead of Google Maps, Google Play and Google Search.

Further, Mobidia's figures show that Facebook likely continues to consume a significant chunk of all mobile traffic. For example, Cisco reported that the average North American mobile user used an average of 752 MB per month total at the end of 2012. And recent data from NPD Connected Intelligence showed that iOS and Android smartphone users consume around 1 GB of cellular data per month.

To be clear, tracking such figures is a difficult task, and the numbers are always moving as more and more Americans purchase smartphones, and as their connection speeds continue to increase as wireless carriers deploy faster networks. Indeed, Cisco predicts that by 2017 the average North American mobile user will consume fully 6 GB of data per month.

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