Utilities use mobile apps to educate consumers about energy consumption


Utilities are increasingly using mobile apps to educate consumers on how to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency.

Utilities are investing $13.5 million this year in gamification tools, apps and services to engage consumers, improve peak response, build customer loyalty and acquire new customers, according to research firm IDC. That amount is expected to soar to $65 million in 2016.

The tools can be accessed from the web or through a mobile application, explains Adam Ajzensztejn, senior research analyst with IDC Energy Insights.

"In the mobile space, you have an application where you can access your data on energy consumption, and will give you tips on how you can save energy based on your specific location and other variables…Utilities are using badges and points to motivate consumers to reduce energy consumption," Ajzensztejn tells FierceMobileIT.

In addition, consumers can control the energy use remotely from their mobile devices. For example, they can turn down the heat when they leave the house and then use their mobile phone to bring the heat back up when they are headed home, Ajzensztejn explains.

IDC predicts that an "increasing variety of vendors are bringing gamification technologies to the market, which integrate with social platforms and enterprise applications. Utilities will continue to adopt such technologies, serving as a key component of their communication and consumer engagement strategies."

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