Vendors capitalize on growing demand for mobile game analytics


JacobsenWhen Lee Jacobson served as senior vice president of licensing and digital publishing at Atari, all he wanted was user behavior data that would improve the company's games. Because he couldn't get the information he craved, Jacobson is now about to launch Apmetrix, a San Diego, Calif.-based startup that released its first limited beta SDK last week.

Apmetrix's services will be free to developers with 100,000 users or less and will provide a range of real-time reports on ad revenue, location data, A/B testing and more. What it won't provide, Jacobson promises, is an overly complex dashboard. Nobody wants that, he says. "Their brains shut down," he says of developers attempting to obtain useful information from user behavior. "They don't always know what they should be looking at as opposed to what they shouldn't be looking at." Feature