Verizon offers developers new mobile ad solutions


Verizon Wireless announced the introduction of the Advertising Development Center, offering its developer partners new solutions to incorporate advertising into mobile applications optimized for the operator's V Cast Apps storefront. Available via the Verizon Developer Community portal, the Advertising Development Center promises a portfolio of mobile ad options, information, services and tools including a software development kit for Microsoft's Bing decision engine. According to Verizon, Microsoft is its preferred provider of mobile advertising and search for carrier-owned and operated services, and the companies will give developers tools and resources to embed a customizable Bing search engine into their websites and applications. The Advertising Development Center will also offer solutions from AdMarvel (acquired by browser development firm Opera Software in mid-January), enabling developers to source, track and optimize campaigns from virtually any ad network or direct sourced ad inventory. AdMarvel will additionally provide developers with a free analytics SDK to gauge application performance and boost usage and monetization.

Verizon Wireless introduced V Cast Apps in late March, initially rolling out the service across selected BlackBerry smartphones beginning with the Storm2. The storefront opened with about 300 applications--at launch, Verizon Wireless executive director of applications, content and business development Leroy Williams told FierceMobileContent "that number will ramp up very quickly," adding that thousands of additional applications await testing and certification.

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