Verizon teams with Appcelerator to expand V Cast Apps development


Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ) will team with mobile software development platform provider Appcelerator to enable web developers to translate their JavaScript expertise into Android and BlackBerry applications distributed via the operator's V Cast Apps storefront. Appcelerator's Titanium platform enables development of native mobile, desktop and tablet applications using web technologies--more than 90,000 developers worldwide publish over 1,300 new apps per month on the platform. Titanium will now integrate support for Verizon Wireless APIs including SMS/MMS, location kits, assisted GPS and device presence/status.

Verizon Wireless launched V Cast Apps in March 2010, promising subscribers one-click access to mobile applications billed directly to their monthly account statements--the store also vows that software can go from concept submission to consumer availability is as little as two weeks. More than 5,000 developers are now distributing their applications through V Cast Apps.

"We differentiate through carrier billing, by high quality--we test all concepts before they go on the devices, and we make sure customers are going to get it," Verizon Wireless vice president of consumer solutions Greg Haller told FierceMobileContent last September. "We may not have 150,000 apps--we may have a smaller number. But we'll be differentiated by having high-quality apps that work, coupled with carrier billing. We're also in a position to offer merchandising to developers. When there are 100,000 apps, it's a little more difficult to do merchandising and push you up to the front, as compared to when you have a smaller number."

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