Visiongain: LTE base station market to reach $6.4 billion this year


Fueled by the rapid transition to 4G mobile services, the global LTE base station market is predicted to reach $6.4 billion this year, according to the latest research from Visiongain.

LTE base stations are the "last link" connecting users to the mobile network and are a crucial component in delivering high-speed mobile data service that will separate mobile operator winners and losers, Visiongain said in the report.

"In a haste to deliver next-generation networks, mobile operators are seeking to expedite 4G spectrum acquisition and transform their infrastructure," observed the United Kingdom-based research firm.

Reflecting this push to transform mobile infrastructure, Agilent this week announced that it was introducing an LTE-Advanced base station and mobile terminal testing product. According to the company, this is the industry's first LTE-Advanced 8x8 MIMO signal-generation and analysis product.

The LTE-Advanced mobile communications standard is the evolution of LTE to 4G, enabling peak data rates of up to 1 Gbps in the downlink and 500 Mbps in the uplink. LTE-Advanced supports a maximum bandwidth of 100 MHz by aggregating up to five component carriers, each up to 20 MHz wide, Agilent explained.

For the downlink, LTE-Advanced introduces transmission mode 9, which enables multiple-input multiple-output, MIMO, technology with up to eight special streams and antennae.

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