VMware targets Android fragmentation with Horizon Mobile


VMware - Developer WorkshopEarlier this month, virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions giant VMware teamed with Verizon Wireless to roll out Horizon Mobile, a dual persona solution that promises to standardize the Android user experience across multiple devices. The cloud-based virtualized OS runs a corporate workspace controlled and managed by the user's IT staff, enabling employees to securely access both professional and personal applications and data via the same device: Enterprises own and control a single corporate image they can deploy across a variety of Android products, meaning they may offer any workforce apps they wish without making any modifications to accommodate hardware and software discrepancies--a potentially significant blow to the Android fragmentation headaches limiting enterprise adoption of the Google-backed platform.

VMware Horizon Mobile is available to the firm's 500,000 customers and 55,000 partners via LG Electronics' Intuition and Motorola Mobility's Razr M, with other Android phones to follow. FierceDeveloper spoke to Srinivas Krishnamurti, VMware's senior director of mobile product management, about the Horizon Mobile effort, the state of bring-your-own-device adoption and why usability is everything. Developer Workshop