@Walmart Labs' Tim Kimmet scans the future of m-commerce


Walmart needs no introduction, but the big-box retailer's fast-growing @Walmart Labs unit may require some explanation. The Silicon Valley-based technology and innovation center spearheads Walmart's mobile and online commerce initiatives, including its iOS and Android applications as well as in-store trials like Scan & Go, a self-checkout app enabling shoppers to scan and purchase items via mobile device. @Walmart Labs has also made news in 2013 for acquiring startups like cloud-computing firm OneOps, social software maker Tasty Labs, predictive analytics provider Inkiru and, earlier this month, front-end optimization service Torbit.

FierceDeveloper talked to Tim Kimmet, @Walmart Labs' vice president of platform and systems, about the company's technological ambitions, its expanding mobile initiatives and giving the people what they want. Developer Workshop