Wanted: Dedicated mobility manager


Enterprises need to appoint a dedicated mobility manager to handle the challenges and opportunities that the flood of mobile devices and data present.

That is the advice of Bzur Haun, CEO of mobile management firm Visage. The mobility manager's team should be diverse, drawing on expertise ranging from IT to finance.

"So a great mobility team should have a comprehensive understanding of the business. That starts with a solid footing in IT and device management. The team also needs insight into the billing details of employees' plans across multiple carriers and an understanding of each department's mobile needs to make strategic recommendations that benefit the business," Haun writes.

The mobility manager should master data analysis in order to gather data about wireless spending and usage and analyze it in order to allocate resources most effectively. Data analysis also helps with carrier contract renegotiation and limiting wasteful spending, such as excessive international data roaming charges and underutilized data pools, he notes.

Visage estimates that mobility costs the average enterprise of 738 employees and 1.54 devices per employee $91,000 per month. Employees also rack up hidden costs, such as large roaming bills, redundant paid app downloads, 411 calls and premium text services.

"Technology and workforce trends, BYOD, remote working and the explosion of devices and platforms are magnifying the need for CEOs and CIOs to apply the same level of strategic thinking to mobility as their colleagues do for every other key function of the business," Haun concludes.

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