Wearable devices need clearer use cases for mainstream adoption, says Strategy Analytics

Forrester's Gownder argues case for wearables in the enterprise might be easier to make

Wearable devices need clearer use cases for widespread adoption, judges Paul Brown, director of Strategy Analytics' user experience innovation practice.

"Considering their current hype, it will be interesting to see just where the wearable market will be by the end of 2014 and how well these products have been received," says Brown.

While Brown's comments relate to the consumer market, the same holds true for the enterprise, where clearer use cases are even harder to find.

However, Forrester analyst J.P. Gownder argues that the case for wearable devices in the enterprises might be easier to make than in the consumer market.

"Wearables will be seen as professional tools, as accepted as the UPS driver's brown uniform, the surgeon's scrubs and the engineer's clipboard…Specialized devices will empower professionals as diverse as surgeons, warehouse workers, police officers, technical field workers and product designers," Gownder writes in a Computerworld article.

One area that will help encourage wearable device adoption in the enterprise and the consumer market is attractive apps. More than one-quarter of 1,700 app developers surveyed by Strategy Analytics say that they plan to develop apps for wearable devices next year, up from only 3.5 percent of developers this year. The research firm forecasts that wearable device sales will reach 125 million units by 2017.

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