Web content management vendors are MIA when it comes to mobility

Recent acquisitions by Adobe, IBM are steps in the right direction, says Forrester

Web content management vendors are "missing in action" when it comes to mobility, judged Forrester analysts David Aponovich and Michael Facemire.

Many WCM providers serving the enterprise market lack a "fully baked" mobile product for back-end developers and marketers, as well as a roadmap for including mobile experiences in their content management ecosystems, the analysts wrote in a recent blog post.

"Vendors lacking this power and capacity to support mobile initiatives will face challenges as specific WCM competitors answer this need. And here's the other rub: non-WCM tools and techniques are gaining momentum and serving as the path of least resistance for companies that need, today, to get mobile with their content, sites and experiences, preferably without redeveloping from scratch," they argued.

WCM vendors who beef up their mobile offerings will have plenty of opportunities to grab a slice of the license pie, they noted.

Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE), for one, has heeded the call. It is using its recently acquired Scene7 unit to enable responsive web design of sites that consume media from its CQ5 content management system. IBM (NYSE: IBM), for another, recently acquired the Worklight mobile application platform, which should lead to a similar marriage of web content management and web experience solutions.

"The massive, rapid shift to mobile is real, it's moving fast, and has the chance to make leaders out of vendors who respond with effective solutions. To vendors we say: your customers are asking around. They want answers now, not in six months or a year. The window of opportunity is open, but it won't be for long," the analyst concluded.

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