What are the top apps and tweaks for jailbroken, rooted devices?


sramanJailbreaking, or gaining access to all parts of an iDevice, has become an increasingly popular activity since it first started in 2007. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) currently has no way of officially tracking how many devices are jailbroken, but even as early as 2009, the number of jailbroken devices was estimated to have been in the millions.

That number has only grown. In February, after hacking group Evad3rs Jailbreak Team released the latest version of their evasi0n jailbreak tool for iOS 6.1, the number of newly jailbroken devices climbed to 7 million in just four days.

This phenomenon is not limited to the iOS community, however. Rooting, which is sometimes referred to as the jailbreaking equivalent for phones running Android, also continues to gain in popularity.

Rooted and jailbroken devices also have their own ecosystem of apps unique to those devices. These apps do what regular apps cannot, since they have root access to the device. For example, some of these apps can override or replace default apps or extend the device's battery life.

While Fierce has traditionally profiled the top apps of the month available through Apple's App Store and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Play for non-jailbroken or rooted devices, this time we're trying something a little different. Which apps (and their developers) have found success in the jailbreaking and rooting communities?

 Check out our list of the top apps and tweaks for jailbroken and rooted devices. --Sandhya