When it comes to mobility, IT pros need to adapt or perish


If IT pros do not adapt to the new world of mobility, they will "become extinct," says Sanjay Poonen, executive vice president and general manager for end-user computing at VMware.

"If you build your world for desktop end-user computing, you will be displaced by the mobile. So if IT doesn't transform themselves, they will become extinct, and if they do, then they won't," Poonen is quoted by ZDNet as saying during this week's VMworld event in San Francisco.

Those who do adapt will be rewarded, because the demand for IT personnel with the skills to handle rapid technological change will "grow exponentially."

Ben Fathi, VMware's chief technology officer, explains that a decade ago in the enterprise "you'd probably have one laptop or desktop per employee; now everybody has laptop, desktops, and about half a dozen of VMs [virtual machines] are running within their environment, and all of that has to be managed by IT."

Fathi adds, "So the demand of IT will go up; they'll just be doing different things that are more high valued, and managing more apps, VMs, and servers."

Those who master mobility will move to a "higher level" of the business and be responsible for more value-added activities, instead of stacking servers, says Raghu Raghuram, executive vice president of VMware's software-defined data center division.  

IT can become a "true partner of the business, talk about what is that you want to deliver, and to design what's important to your business," says Raghuram.

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