Whether active or passive, more job seekers going mobile


Things are definitely picking up in the IT job market, according to several recent forecasts, and IT workers are increasingly going mobile to find new opportunities.

According to the "Job Seeker Nation: Mobility in the Workforce Study" from Jobvite, a comprehensive recruitment platform, mobile-based job seeking has become a way of life for what the study terms the "high mobility" job seeker, meaning employees most likely and willing to move around in the job market.

But the study finds that the other use of the term mobility--that of mobile technology--is just as accurate for today's IT worker. Behavioral differences lie in how active or passive a job seeker is.

In an email to FierceMobileIT, Dan Finnigan, president and CEO of Jobvite, noted: "While both high and low mobility job seekers actively use mobile in their job search, how they use mobile differs significantly; high mobility job seekers are more inclined to use LinkedIn, whereas low mobility job seekers prefer Facebook. For today's job seeker, mobile is an essential tool in the job hunt, regardless of skill set, education level, or market demand."

High mobility job seekers are twice as likely to use recruiters or social media in their job searching, Finnigan explains. These job seekers are savvier about their social media privacy. Low mobility job seekers, on the other hand, prefer to use referrals and Internet job boards in their search.

"Both tiers of the labor market find the ability to apply for jobs on a smartphone important," Finnigan stresses. "This emphasizes the increasingly prevalence of mobile for the always-on job seeker as job shopping becomes an extension of everyday life."

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