Why Facebook wants more Android developer friends


Facebook + Android DevelopersThere are plenty of consumers who "like" Facebook apps that run on their Android devices, but the social networking giant is working harder than ever to ensure developers love integrating with its platform. The company recently unveiled a revamped Android SDK as well as a new Android Dev Center with additional tools and resources for building social apps. Backwards compatible with the previous version, the beta of Facebook Android SDK 3.0 includes a number of pre-built app fragments to speed the development process for creating apps. Login controls, for example, are designed to make it easier to manage identity and related permissions inside the app, while Friend Picker allows app users to tag their Facebook friends or find others who have installed it.

Android SDK 3.0 beta comes not long after Facebook offered an iOS SDK and is a sign of Facebook's intentions to create a more supportive environment for developers of all kinds. "I have been aware of Facebook heavily shifting focus to mobile apps for over a year now. They are showing just how serious they are," said Todd Chafee, president of London-based social media firm Bluecrow.biz. "What impressed me the most was the new section of the Facebook Developer Center dedicated just to Android. They've got sample Android apps, a reference section, a getting started guide, technical guides and more than we've had time to completely digest yet." Feature