Will enterprises need to change BYOD policies to accommodate wearables?


As CIOs and IT departments struggle to develop policies and deploy technologies to address BYOD smartphones and tablets in the workplace, a new challenge looms over the horizon--wearable devices.

Will enterprises need to change their policies and procedures to accommodate these new devices? Yes, says Scott Koegler, a freelance writer, former CIO and contributor to Forbes Magazine's EMCVoice column. Koegler argues that CIOs will need to change BYOD policies to address the new security and personal privacy risks created by Google Glass and other wearables.

Koegler cites smartglasses, smartwatches and even, in the future, surgically implanted communications devices as posing unique challenges from enterprises and their IT staffs.

"The trend toward integration of technology with our physical selves is quickly moving beyond what enterprise policy is able to control," judges Koegler.

"What will be interesting to track is how IT departments and employees negotiate the tenuous lines between corporate data and personal privacy on these devices. As much as an enterprise doesn't want its data leaking to personal devices, employees don't want personal data leaking to enterprise servers. Nor do employees want to suffer a remote wipe--common tactic for BYOD devices that have gone off the grid--of their wearable device should they overstep boundaries," Koegler writes.

However, these are the same challenges posed by personally owned smartphones and tablets that are flooding into the workplace. CIOs are currently wrestling with the need to safeguard corporate data while protecting employee privacy with smartphones and tablets.

As Phil Redman with Citrix observed during a recent FierceMobileIT interview, smartphones with cameras posed similar data security and privacy concerns as wearable devices when they first began to appear in the workplace. Redman agues that BYOD policies and technologies put in place to handle smartphones and tablets can address wearable devices, should they enter the workplace in significant numbers.

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