Will today's next-gen MVNOs shake up the U.S. market?


América Móvil's U.S. TracFone unit has racked up millions of subscribers over the past few years, especially with its Straight Talk monthly unlimited offering. Yet the company, which operates as an MVNO of all four of the Tier 1 carriers, does not offer any groundbreaking service beyond its cut-rate $45 price tag. Nevertheless, there is a new breed of MVNOs that are just starting to find their place in the U.S. wireless market. These MVNOs are offering services the major carriers are not yet providing--including family data plans--and are hoping that their points of differentiation take hold with consumers who are looking for something new. Analysts and even the MVNOs themselves don't think they are going to revolutionize the market in a short period of time. Instead, they are focusing on the gaps where larger carriers' prices and practices frustrate consumers. Special Report

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