You use your mobile phone to do what?


Using your mobile phone to make phone calls--that's like so 20th century.

The generation that grew up with smartphones appears to not realize that they can make phone calls using their mini-computers, according to an article by Quartz.

Even a major wireless firm like Ericsson is predicting that mobile phones will be used for data and video rather than phone calls. In fact, voice calls and messaging are no longer the dominant services for smartphone users in developed markets.

Reflecting this reality, mobile data traffic grew by 15 percent sequentially in the first quarter, according to Ericsson stats. The wireless equipment maker predicts that voice traffic on mobile networks will remain steady while mobile data traffic will explode for the rest of the decade.

Quartz cites an article by The Wall Street Journal that shows younger employees are not using their mobile phones to make phone calls at work, which is having a negative effect on sales.

"Younger workers may have mastered technologies that some of their older colleagues have barely heard of, such as photo and video sharing apps Instagram and Vine, but some bosses wish they'd learn a more traditional skill: picking up the phone," The Journal relates.

"In the workplace, some managers say avoiding the phone in favor of email can hurt business, hinder creativity and delay projects," it adds.

The bottom line is... Wait a minute, I need to get this text... Now, where were we? - Fred