Young moms rule the mobile scene


Two recent studies show young mothers (defined as those with children five or younger) spend more time on mobile devices than any other segment of the public.

According to a new Baby Center study, mothers of young children increased their mobile usage by 34 percent in 2013, Business 2 Community reports. That makes young mothers the most active group in the mobile domain.

A separate study by AOL showed young mothers spend the largest amount of time on smartphones. The same Business 2 Community article notes the demographic spends nearly 12 percent more time on smartphones than the average adult.

Those statistics sound impressive enough on their own, until you consider just how much time we're talking here. "Mothers with children 5 years or younger spend an average of 37 hours per week on their smartphones compared to 31 hours per week for the closest runner up group, millennials (adults ages 18-32)," the article says.

What are young mothers doing with all this time on mobile devices? The top three reasons young moms are so devoted to their smartphones, both studies found, are escapism, social networking and shopping.

Furthermore, some are using their devices as a "backup brain," according to the Baby Center study. In other words, they use their devices to help keep schedules and appointments. And the AOL study found that mobile devices are used by young moms to access information and resources on new parenting skills.

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