Zynga expands 'FarmVille' to Apple's iPad


Social gaming giant Zynga expanded its wildly popular FarmVille to Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPad, heralding the company's first application developed for the tablet. FarmVille is a real-time social farm simulator played by about 60 million gamers, the vast majority of Zynga's FarmVille for the iPadthem on the Facebook platform--the free iPad edition leverages the tablet's touchscreen interface, enabling players to swipe a finger or double-tap to zoom in and out, viewing their farms, harvesting their crops or driving their tractors. Zynga adds it will offer push notification alerts updating iPad user on the status of their crops and farm.

FarmVille touts a cross-platform experience enabling existing players to tend to their virtual acreage across the web, the iPhone and iPad. Zynga introduced the iPhone version of FarmVille on June 24--gamers in 85 different countries worldwide have since played the title on their smartphones, sending over 100,000 gifts each day. More than 225 million monthly active users play Zynga games in all.

In other Zynga news, the firm now finds itself the target of a class action lawsuit alleging its Facebook applications breached consumers' privacy by illegally sharing their information with third parties, in violation of the social network's own policies. The suit, filed Monday in a San Francisco federal court, accuses Zynga of "illegally sharing [customer data] with advertisers and data brokers" for "substantial profit." The lawsuit follows on the heels of a recent Wall Street Journal report stating that some Facebook apps were sending user ID information to least 25 advertising and data firms, several of which construct consumer profiles by tracking their online activities.

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