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Latest Headlines

Notifications tops the list of favorite Apple Watch features

A new report showing what Apple Watch users like best about their smartwatches points to an enterprise use case for the Watch.

Why Apple needs the enterprise and what's standing in its way

At a time when enterprise computing is in a transition period, moving from on-premises to cloud, from PC to mobile, there is an opportunity to control the future of enterprise computing. Having created this opportunity in large part, Apple is looking to expand the reach of iOS to maintain the iPhone's top spot in the enterprise but also turn around the declining trajectory of iPad sales. 451 Research's Chris Hazelton weighs in on Apple's relationship with the enterprise.

Spotlight: Mobile POS system installed base to top 54M in 2019, says 451

The global mobile point-of-sale system installed base is forecast by 451 Research to top 54 million units in 2019, up from 13.3 million units today, a 32 percent compound annual growth rate.

Less than half of enterprises have constant IDS/IPS monitoring

Intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems – or IDS/IPS – have been around for a lot of years, but it appears a slim majority of enterprises don't have 24/7 monitoring in place for detecting and then blocking intrusions.

IT security should be a service provider, not a control organization

IT security functions best as a service provider to the enterprise, not as a control organization, observed Wendy Nather, research director for security at 451 Research and a former chief information security officer, at Rapid7's UNITED Security Summit being held here this week.

APIs: Critical to devs, but business needs to be aware of them too

It's a software world. Ask anybody. We're driven by apps on our computers, mobile devices — heck, even our cars run on software these days. But as an InformationWeek article pointed out, the prevalence of software really isn't anything new. The difference today is the API.

Spotlight: IoT mergers and acquisitions smash records, says 451 Research

Mergers and acquisitions in the Internet of Things market are shattering records, according to 451 Research.

Spotlight: OpenStack TCO not realized due to lack of talent

Maybe what the OpenStack Foundation needs to focus on next is easing new talent into the role of "OpenStack engineer."

Rise of containerization doesn't mean death for VMs

Containers have been around for several years, but with recent--and fast growing--interest in using them in the development and running of applications and services, there's talk that containers are going to push virtual machines out and take over.

Mobile virtualization: Still not ready for prime time

Mobile virtualization has been a part of the BYOD security conversation for years, but is it a viable way to keep corporate data safe and separate from personal data on mobile devices?