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Latest Headlines

Cisco to offer switches to support faster Wi-Fi without requiring new cabling

Cisco plans to roll out in the second quarter new LAN switches that will serve as a stopgap for businesses that want to roll out faster WLANs but don't want to update their cabling just yet.

Enterprises are increasingly opting for the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi access points

Close to one quarter of all enterprise access points use the latest 802.11ac standard, according to the latest data from Infonetics Research.

Wi-Fi CPE market to show strong growth, fueled 801.11ac gear

The Wi-Fi customer premise equipment market is forecast by ABI Research to increase 11 percent this year, with 802.11ac equipment expected to capture 18 percent of total shipments this year.

Aruba, Cisco and HP are magic when it comes to LAN infrastructure

The most recent Magic Quadrant to come out of Gartner looks at the market for wired and wireless local area network access infrastructure, an issue of concern to enterprises, especially those dealing with the demands BYOD is placing on that infrastructure.

Moving the goalpost again: Quantenna promises 10 Gbps 802.11ac

A combination of wave dynamics and creative marketing could catapult wireless office bandwidths next year. Quantenna might have the right formula.

Enterprises rev up Wi-Fi gear speeds

Enterprises are increasingly deploying faster 802.11ac-based Wi-Fi equipment, according to the latest stats from Dell'Oro.

Wi-Fi, Ethernet switching drive enterprise edge market to $3.8B in 3rd quarter, says Dell'Oro

Upgrades to the faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard and convergence between Wi-Fi and switching are prompting vendors of enterprise Wi-Fi and campus Ethernet to readjust product lines and pricing strategies, according to research firm Dell'Oro Group.

Ruckus Wireless' SVP on whether to deploy 802.11ac today

With its promise of faster wireless data transfers, there is little doubt that 802.11ac Wi-Fi is the next big thing on the enterprise-networking front. However, its newness does mean that CIOs and IT...

Reports from 802.11ac early adopters show promise

As network vendors step up on their portfolio of 802.11ac products, enterprises may come under pressure to upgrade their Wi-Fi infrastructure. Should they roll out 802.11ac today or wait just a while longer? According to a report on  Network World, word from early adopters of the "gigabit" 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard confirms its potential of delivering fast wireless data in high density deployments while at the same time placing a reality check on the real world data capabilities of current "Wave 1" devices.

Why the enterprise should forget about 802.11ac for now

Should your enterprise implement 802.11ac wireless?