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Latest Headlines

Enterprises rev up Wi-Fi gear speeds

Enterprises are increasingly deploying faster 802.11ac-based Wi-Fi equipment, according to the latest stats from Dell'Oro.

802.11ac on new MacBook Air slower than expected

The new MacBook Air laptops that come with 802.11ac networking are not performing at their maximum capacities.

One on one with Keyur Shah of Aruba Networks

All eyes are on the next evolution of the Wi-Fi wireless standard as the Wi-Fi Alliance announced the launch of its Wi-Fi Certified program for 802.11ac. With this in mind, we posted some questions about Wi-Fi deployment and 802.11ac to Keyur Shah, senior product marketing manager of Aruba Networks.

Researchers set new record with 3Gbps wireless data transfer

Researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have developed a new transmission system that works in the 300 gigahertz and 3 terahertz range, according to a report from the BBC.

More about 802.11ac

A new article vendor-contributed article by WildPackets about the relative merits of the upcoming 802.11ac wireless LAN technology on Network World caught my attention. Widely expected to complement

Broadcom expects 802.11ac Gigabit Wireless to ship 2H 2012

Communications chip maker Broadcom thinks that gigabit Wi-Fi in the form of 802.11ac will start shipping as early as next year. At more than three times the 300 Mbps bandwidth delivered by most

802.11n standard to be approved today

At long last, the IEEE Standards board is expected to meet today and formally approve the long-awaited 802.11n wireless standard. Detractors will point out that "draft-n" devices have been used by

IEEE prepares to launch gigabit Wi-Fi project

Even as the IEEE working group is putting the finishing touches on the much-delayed 802.11n wireless standard, it is moving to launch a new project to usher in gigabit Wi-Fi. The Very High Throughput

Study claims adoption rate for 802.11n unprecedented

A web-based study completed by IT professionals from some 226 companies has nearly one-third of enterprises indicating that they will be migrating to WLAN networks based on 802.11n within the next 12