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Latest Headlines

Mobile apps take 'center stage' in unified communications

Mobility took "center stage" in unified communications offerings last year as employees demanded to use their personal mobile devices at work, observes Cindy Whelan, principal analyst for business network and wholesale services at Current Analysis.

Spotlight: 8X8's Virtual Office Mobile 4.0 includes interface for iPhone, iPad retina display

Cloud communications provider 8x8 is tapping into the BYOD trend with the new version of its Virtual Office mobile PBX, which includes an interface designed for use with the retina display on the iPhone and iPad.

2010 Year in Review: Hosted Unified Communications on the rise

A recent Forbes blog post quipped "Why hosted VoIP? Why would I do anything else?" Some companies in this industry like to agree with that statement--probably because they are making some serious

Digging in to 8x8's Virtual Office Pro 2.0

Hosted UC makes many promises in terms of ease of set up and upgrades. Taking it to another level, 8x8 (Nasdaq: EGHT) put its UC service completely online with Virtual Office Pro 2.0. The service

8x8 is now offering Polycom SoundPoint IP and SoundStation phones

Interoperability is the name of the game in the VoIP services market. When you've got it, your customers get more cohoices. 8x8 passed some tests and is now offering Polycom's SoundPoint IP desktop

8x8 brings hosted VoIP to non-profit fighting cholera in Haiti

Food for the Hungry is actively helping disaster victims all over the world and at this very moment they are training volunteers to stem the cholera epidemic afflicting Haiti. With all this relief

8x8 shows bigger business is signing up for hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP services have historically been a small business play, but as technology improves and big companies look at how to save a buck, this might be changing. 8x8 announced some new customers

8x8 teams with Polycom to offer IP phones to Virtual Office hosted VoIP customers

8x8 specializes in the ethereal world of cloud communications, but at some point their services need to find some hardware to land on. In that vein, the company is teaming with IP phone experts

VoIP's looking good and has the numbers to prove it

Doug Mohney over at TMC wrote up an interesting predictive piece on rosy outlook for VoIP in the next decade. He took a look at 8x8 and Metaswitch's recent numbers and future plans. These two

Inside look into 8x8's Virtual Office Pro

PC Magazine has been doing some neat reviews of VoIP and Unified Communications (UC) offerings. They recently did an overview of 8x8 Virtual Office Pro. Check it out to get a good inside look at what