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Latest Headlines

Smartphone sensor fusion will be a key technology for indoor location, says ABI

Smartphone sensor fusion will be a key technology for development of indoor location applications in retail, healthcare and other verticals, judges ABI Research.

In-building wireless gear market to reach $8B in 2019, predicts ABI

The in-building wireless equipment and deployment market is forecast by ABI to increase at a 14 percent compound annual growth rate, reaching over $8 billion in 2019, up from an expected $4.4 billion this year.

Location-based smartphone sensor fusion presents 'huge potential' for mobile commerce, says ABI

Location-based sensor fusion technology for smartphones represents a "huge potential" for mobile advertising and retail, judges ABI Research.

Mobile, fixed barcode scanners for industrial use to generate $775 million in revenues by 2018

Shipments of mobile and fixed barcode scanners for industrial use are forecast to reach 6.3 million units by 2018, generating $775 million in revenue in that year, according to the latest research from ABI Research.

App wrapping to edge out app containers as preferred mobile workspace management solution, says ABI

App wrapping will edge out app containers as the preferred solution for mobile workspace management, a market that is expected to reach more than 60 million subscribers by 2018, predicts ABI Research.

Mobile security management market to double by 2015

The mobile security management market segment is forecast by ABI Research to reach the $1 billion mark by 2015, almost twice the amount expected this year.

Mobile app developers cling to native model over web for releases, ABI says

The number of mobile devices with HTML5-compatible browsers is expected to increase by 87 percent this year, reaching 1.4 billion devices by the end of the year, according to a new report by ABI Research.

Librestream, Livecast top ABI enterprise video collaboration list

Librestream and Livecast topped the list of vendors supplying enterprise mobile video collaboration for business operations support examined by ABI Research.  

More than 100 million 4G LTE mobile devices shipped in 2012, says ABI

An estimated 103 million 4G LTE mobile devices were shipped in 2012, fueled by the popularity of Apple's iPhone 5 and Samsung's Galaxy smartphones, according to the latest stats from ABI Research.

Report: UC spending to go from millions to billions in 5 years

According to a new ABI Research report on Unified Communications, uptake is on a 'steeply rising curve.' ABI's report reveals that spending on the combination of IP telephony, instant messaging and