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Latest Headlines

Enterprise smartphone data plan revenues to top $200B in 2020, says ABI

Enterprise smartphone data plan revenues for mobile operators are forecast by ABI Research to surpass $200 billion in 2020.

Large tablets won't overtake 7- and 8-inch models, predicts ABI

Despite the emergence of larger tablets in 2015, the smaller 7- and 8-inch branded tablets will remain the most popular for the time being, ABI Research predicted.

Enterprise use cases will fuel growth in augmented reality market, says ABI

While the augmented reaily market is just starting to take off, ABI Research predicts that it will pass virtual reality in terms of market value, reaching $100 billion by 2020, or a compound annual growth rate of 73 percent from 2015 to 2020.

As IoT use cases increase, security becomes more pressing

Security presents one of the greatest challenges – and opportunities – to some of the vendors involved with IoT, according to ABI Research.

Commercial fleets are increasing reliance on telematics

It appears that telematics will increasingly help enterprises save money and improve service for their commercial vehicle fleets.

Spotlight: Sierra maintains top position in M2M cellular module market, says ABI

Sierra Wireless has maintained the top revenue position for machine-to-machine cellular modules for the fourth straight year, according to the latest data from ABI Research.

Enterprises turn to software for videoconferencing, leave hardware market flat

Remember several years ago when telepresence rooms were all the rage? Looks like the good days for companies like Cisco, Polycom and Avaya are long over.

Reduce the pain in 802.11ac upgrade

Upgrading wireless networks to 802.11ac--and then on to Wave 2 later this year--can be a tricky task even in the best situations. Enterprises are still moving to the latest wireless standard, but with a rapidly increasing number of devices supporting it and the overall benefit of faster transfer speeds, it's a justifiable network upgrade project.

Rise in application layer attacks drives demand for web app firewalls

The recent rise in application layer attacks will push revenues in the web application firewall (WAF) market past $400 million this year, predicts ABI Research.

Could sub-Saharan Africa be next cybersecurity hotspot?

When you think of a robust cybersecurity market, you don't usually think sub-Saharan Africa. But that is changing, according to ABI Research.