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Latest Headlines

Adobe Captivate Prime 9 joins race to the top of the LMS class

Adobe boosted its involvement in the corporate learning and training environment with the release of its newest learning management system, Adobe Captivate Prime 9. The new cloud-based LMS is designed for rapid set-up and deployment without an over-reliance on busy IT departments.

Yes, Adobe Flash is a mess, but don't forget to patch Reader

Securities flaws in Adobe Flash have been reported on a lot lately, but unpatched vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader are also a major security concern for IT departments, according to a report by vulnerability intelligence firm Secunia.

Adobe patches more zero-day Flash holes exposed by Hacking Team breach

Adobe has patched more zero-day vulnerabilities in Flash that had been on the list of exploits that Hacking Team – a Milan-based firm that specializes in surveillance tools for governments and law enforcement – advised its clients to use as part of their surveillance efforts.

Adobe plugs zero-day Flash Player security hole that Hacking Team advised clients to exploit

Adobe has patched zero-day security holes in Flash Player that Hacking Team advised its clients to use as part of their surveillance efforts.

Spotlight: Adobe embraces CloudMunch to further cloud initiatives

For years, Adobe built its software much the same as everyone else did – with a waterfall approach in which new versions its software were released every couple of years.

Adobe releases new version of Technical Communication Suite

Adobe announced the release of the latest version of Technical Communication Suite containing several new tweaks designed to improve the content development process. In it, Adobe updated all the main components of TCS, including RoboHelp, FrameMaker, and Captivate 8. Here's a quick look at what's improved and what's new.

Wells Fargo exec: OpenStack should make way for legacy apps because they aren't going away

While some vendors may argue that OpenStack just isn't suitable for running legacy apps, businesses say it's a requirement that they be able to run such apps in OpenStack. Rather than force a reworking of legacy apps to fit the cloud, better for the OpenStack community to figure out how to make OpenStack friendlier to legacy apps, an executive from Wells Fargo said during a panel at the OpenStack Summit.

New Adobe Experience Manager tools tie big data to creative content

Adobe deepened the ties between big data and creative content with the inclusion of new asset management tools in Adobe Experience Manager. Adobe's goal is to simplify the process of shepherding content from its creation to its eventual marketing destination.

Adobe Document Cloud aims to fix 'last mile' problem

Adobe announced this week the upcoming launch of a new subscription service called Document Cloud. It's built around its new desktop, mobile and web version of Acrobat that includes e-signing and document management tools

Adobe announces new DAM tools, solutions for marketers

Adobe made a series of announcements at this week's Adobe Summit that highlight its commitment to make digital asset management easier for marketing professionals.