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Latest Headlines

Adobe enables Android users to sign documents on the go

Contracts and other agreements just got a lot easier to sign, store and manage on the go. Adobe's e-signature app EchoSign, which allows users to sign legally binding contracts and agreements on iOS devices, is now available for Android users.

Mobile report reveals drastic shakeups in user behavior

Sharing content on Facebook is getting stingier. The population browing on smaller phones is shrinking. The most mobile social network is Pinterest. And Wi-Fi still beats mobile networks for browsing. Welcome to some of the highlights of the new Adobe 2014 Mobile Benchmark Report.

But as long as you don't read PDFs or surf the web, don't worry, everything's fine

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Please patch all systems having anything to do with the web.

Ponemon: Infosec pros focusing more on protecting info than technology

Read that headline again, because it's meant to be good news. Governance strategies advise businesses to focus on protecting information and helping people.

Repeat data breach victims highlight failure of IT security programs

Despite all of the publicity surrounding the data breaches at companies like  Target  and  Adobe, some firms are still not taking measures to reduce their risks, and are suffering multiple breaches as a result.

News Scan: Targeted ads coming to your fridge; Retail to spend $11B on digital ads; more

Read the latest Mobile IT news for May 23, including Google's predictions for ads of the future, how much the retail industry plans to spend on mobile ads this year, the salary fixing scandal that is costing Silicon Valley, the explosion in the semiconductor market due to vehicle connectivity and Apple tops another industry list again.

Adobe Marketing Cloud takes turn toward mobile

Adobe announced an impressive mobile development and content management tool package, but a suite approach may be unrealistic in this day and age.

Adobe makes successful transition to cloud with strong quarter

Adobe announced a strong quarter, especially for its cloud products, as it makes the transition from boxed software to a subscription-based service.

Infographic: Biggest data breaches of 2013

While this month has seen reports about data breaches at Neiman Marcus and Michaels Stores, 2013 was the year of mega breaches, such as the one that exposed 110 million records at Target and the 150 million at Adobe.

Adobe Creative Cloud update includes 3D printing support in Photoshop

Adobe announced updates to its Creative Cloud suite this week.