Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Microsoft sets record with 135 security bulletins issued in 2015

Microsoft's latest Patch Tuesday brings up the total tally of bulletins for the year to 135, a significant increase from the average of recent years.

Adobe adds enhancements to document and e-sign services, partners with Dropbox

Adobe announced a slew of enhancements to its document and e-sign services today along with the formation of a partnership with Dropbox designed to make it easier to work with files on the fly. Here's the rundown.

Adobe Analytics launches 'creative canvas' for data analysis

For years now, many of us have touted the power of analytics beyond mere decision-making. Analytics have the power to birth innovation and disruption on a massive scale – and in many cases, have done so already. It is with interest, then, that I note Adobe Analytics's release of a "creative canvas" for data analysis.

AppFigures, Adobe Analytics come together to provide mobile app data for developers, marketers

Users of appFigures and Adobe Analytics will be able to view data from both platforms from within Adobe Analytics, thanks to an integration of the platforms that's now available. 

Spotlight: Adobe pushes patches for 23 security holes in Flash Player

Adobe pushed out patches on Monday to plug 23 security holes in Flash Player, including critical vulnerabilities that could enable an attack to take control of vulnerable systems.

Livefyre pairs with Salesforce and Adobe to deliver branded content

Livefyre  is having a busy week with news of two new and distinct partnerships with Salesforce and Adobe. Each pairing brings benefits to brands interested in upping their content marketing and social engagement game.

Adobe Captivate Prime 9 joins race to the top of the LMS class

Adobe boosted its involvement in the corporate learning and training environment with the release of its newest learning management system, Adobe Captivate Prime 9. The new cloud-based LMS is designed for rapid set-up and deployment without an over-reliance on busy IT departments.

Yes, Adobe Flash is a mess, but don't forget to patch Reader

Securities flaws in Adobe Flash have been reported on a lot lately, but unpatched vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader are also a major security concern for IT departments, according to a report by vulnerability intelligence firm Secunia.

Adobe patches more zero-day Flash holes exposed by Hacking Team breach

Adobe has patched more zero-day vulnerabilities in Flash that had been on the list of exploits that Hacking Team – a Milan-based firm that specializes in surveillance tools for governments and law enforcement – advised its clients to use as part of their surveillance efforts.

Adobe plugs zero-day Flash Player security hole that Hacking Team advised clients to exploit

Adobe has patched zero-day security holes in Flash Player that Hacking Team advised its clients to use as part of their surveillance efforts.