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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Flash vulnerabilities soared 312% last year

There was a 312 percent year-over-year increase in the number of Adobe Flash vulnerabilities last year, according to a report by NTT Group.

SPOTLIGHT ON... Latest version of RIG exploit kit infects close to 1.3M computers

The latest version of the RIG exploit kit, 3.0, has been used to infect close to 1.3 million computers worldwide, according to Trustwave's SpiderLabs.

Yes, Adobe Flash is a mess, but don't forget to patch Reader

Securities flaws in Adobe Flash have been reported on a lot lately, but unpatched vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader are also a major security concern for IT departments, according to a report by vulnerability intelligence firm Secunia.

Adobe Flash exploits on the rise, while Java exploits decline, says Cisco

While hackers are increasingly exploiting Adobe Flash vulnerabilities, Java exploits are on the decline, according to the 2015 Mid-Year Security Report by Cisco.

McAfee: 300% jump in Adobe Flash malware

Malware attacks against Adobe's Flash platform increased by 317 percent in the first quarter of 2015, according to a report from McAfee.

Chinese cyberspy campaign set up watering hole trap on Forbes site

A Chinese cyberspy campaign carried out a water hole attack on  Forbes  in late November last year in order to infect computers of targeted financial and defense companies whose employees visited the site, according to research by security firm Invincea and iSIGHT Partners.

Adobe finally releases critical updates for Reader, Acrobat

Adobe has finally released a delayed security update that addresses critical flaws in its Reader, Acrobat software.

Google search to warn mobile users when sites won't work on their device

Google has begun warning smartphone and tablet users if a site, such as one that is based on Adobe Flash, will not work on their device.

Adobe releases critical Flash Player update for Windows, Mac

Adobe has released a patch for its Flash Player to resolve three different vulnerabilities.

Encryption as an automated extortion weapon finds its way to mobile

It's not just mobile device vulnerabilities that malicious actors are exploiting now, but deficiencies in the cloud. And it's turning ordinary security consultants into hackers themselves.