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Latest Headlines

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch jumps ship for Apple

Adobe Systems' longtime CTO Kevin Lynch has resigned his position to join Apple, the company whose steadfast refusal to support Adobe Flash on iOS-powered devices effectively ushered the video and multimedia technology into irrelevance.

Adobe disables new installs of Flash Player for Android

Adobe Systems will disable new installs of its Flash Player plugin for Android beginning today, concurrently removing the app from the Google Play storefront.

Adobe kills Flash support for Android with Jelly Bean update

Adobe Systems will officially discontinue Flash Player support for Google's Android, announcing there will be no certified Flash implementations for Android 4.1 (a.k.a. Jelly Bean), unveiled earlier this week.

Is it time to eliminate Flash from your website?

The popularity of smartphones and tablets poses a dilemma to web developers.

Adobe: Focus on defenses, not bug hunting

Speaking at Kaspersky Lab's Security Analyst Summit last week, Brad Arkin, director of product security and privacy at Adobe, suggested that security researchers should focus less on finding

Adobe confirms Flash support for Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Although Adobe Systems will halt future development of its browser-based Flash Player application runtime for mobile devices, the company has confirmed it will still deliver an updated version

Sibblingz seeks to fill Flash Player void with Spaceport 3.0

In the wake of Adobe Systems' announcement it will halt development of its browser-based Flash Player application runtime for mobile devices, social gaming platform Sibblingz is releasing version 3.0

After Adobe Flash shock, business as usual for tablet makers

Adobe's announcement last week that it will no longer develop the Flash Player for mobile devices came as a shock for many. At that time, Adobe said it will release one final version of the Flash

SLIDESHOW: The tech world's top flops and fiascos of 2011

When tech companies generate outlandish expectations for their latest gadgets or get lax with security, onlookers can only cringe at the crash that's sure to follow. In 2011, the surest way to end

After Adobe, Microsoft may be considering Silverlight exit

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) could be preparing to terminate the development of its Silverlight platform, a web application framework for rich web design. While the company has not officially confirmed