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Latest Headlines

Google restructures mobile ad services, limits AdMob to apps

In an effort to streamline its mobile advertising efforts, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) will transition all mobile website publishers to its AdSense service platform, limiting access to its AdMob network to

Google expands AdSense for mobile content to 15 new countries

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) extended its contextual AdSense for mobile content service to 15 new countries, enabling publishers to generate revenues from their mobile webpages via targeted ads. The new

VIDEO: Urbanspoon's AdSense experience

Watch this video to see how the developers of the popular iPhone app Urbanspoon felt about their experience with Google's AdSense. Source: Google via YouTube

Google introduces AdSense for mobile search

Google announced the launch of AdSense for mobile search, enabling operators and publishers to embed a Google-branded search box on their mobile portals and websites. According to the web services