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Latest Headlines

WordPress sites under attack by ad-scam malware

A massive malware campaign is underway that is being transmitted via WordPress websites, according to Denis Sinegubko, a senior malware researcher at security firm Sucuri.

Why big data hasn't reinvented advertising… yet

A truly personalized ad would hit the individual prospect's exact buying trigger. Sure, you can use big data to find people with that same trigger. Just don't expect to pull that trigger if the ad copy and pitch doesn't line up with the target.

Rise of anti-social, secretly social apps presents hurdle for marketers

Mobile geolocation data has proven transformative for mobile marketers who view check-ins and in-store promotions as a boon to business. But a new mobile app could signal a sea change for mobile data collection.

Twitter rolls out new comprehensive analytics

Twitter has rolled out comprehensive analytics for Twitter Card users. Good move on Twitter's part in upping its game, albeit in a limited fashion. 

Infographic: Social marketers are going mobile

The social advertising market is projected to reach $11 billion by 2017--and mobile users will become an increasing target of those advertising dollars, according to an infographic by Unified Social.

Twitter's big data business side could pump its valuation after IPO

Twitter earned $47.5 million from its quiet side--its data business--according to  an article  in  The Wall Street Journal. That's peanuts, relatively speaking, but it's the entire circus that comes with it that's causing investors to entertain the idea of throwing big dollars in the tent. 

New Google technology could put an end to third-party cookies

Google has floated the idea of a new technology to replace third-party cookies, and it raises a whole slew of issues.

LinkedIn customers accuse networking site of hacking into users' email accounts

A number of LinkedIn customers have filed a class-action lawsuit alleging that the professional networking site uses their identities and contact lists for marketing purposes by hacking into their email accounts and downloading contact addresses without their permission.

Will big data suppress or inspire the creative process?

Who has the most to lose as the machine learning of big data overwhelms the world of advertising? It would seem the "creatives," whose artful insights into human nature created the industry, have the most to lose as their group demographics grow quaint and their intuitive fingers are lifted from the pulse of the market in favor of hardcore analysis.

UC Berkeley study: Don’t track me bro’

Despite widespread ignorance by consumers of the rules governing the collection and use of behavioral tracking, they do care about privacy.