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Latest Headlines

Google AdWords launches Estimated Total Conversions to track multi-screen activity

Google is introducing Estimated Total Conversions, a new tool enabling AdWords advertisers to track how their search ads perform across various device screens.

Google rebuilds AdMob to boost mobile app monetization, installs

Google is rolling out a revamped version of its AdMob mobile advertising network, promising app developers a host of new tools to improve discovery, distribution and monetization.

Google, Millennial Media executives debate future of mobile advertising

NEW YORK--Google is working on ways to enhance how mobile advertisers can track how effective their mobile ads are, even as consumers move between mobile devices and desktop computers, according to a senior Google executive.

The great SQL sequel

"More and more I see something of a backlash to the idea that the relational database is dead," O'Brien said. "For a handful of companies and some well funded startups, yes, relational databases are dead. But the majority of companies still have a massive investment in SQL."

Google retools AdWords to boost mobile revenues

Google is overhauling its AdWords platform to reach consumers across all device screens, a move advertising industry executives said will increase the company's mobile ad revenues and assuage concerns that the shift from the desktop to smartphones and tablets is damaging its bottom line.