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Latest Headlines

Copyright Office: Supreme Court may say Aereo is a cable company, but it's not

Citing a 2011 Second Circuit decision that quotes the Copyright Office's own interpretation of the law, the Copyright Office holds fast to that interpretation, even though it directly contradicts the high court.

Aereo: If we're a cable company, grant us a license

Observers called last month's Supreme Court decision against Aereo the "looks like a duck" argument. Now Aereo is not only owning that argument, it's turning it on its ear--if ducks have ears.

Are Supremes changing the mobile landscape?

The Supreme Court on Wednesday issued two rulings that could change the mobile landscape.

Aereo's final Supreme Court plea: Cloud computing could be ruined

The maker of a curiously innovative broadcast retransmission service for the Internet makes its case that a Supreme Court decision in its favor will preserve the legal underpinnings of cloud computing.

Aereo streaming TV service premiering Android app next month

Upstart streaming TV service Aereo will launch a native application optimized for Google's Android sometime in September, CEO Chet Kanojia told  International Business Times.

Dyle, MyDTV, TV Everywhere and the second coming of mobile TV

Almost a decade after Qualcomm's MediaFlo, Crown Castle's Modeo and Aloha Partners' Hiwire first tested the mobile TV game, with less-than-stellar results, a new crop of startups are rolling out essentially the exact same technology with hopes for a  very different outcome.

Mobile TV's future still murky despite growing consumer demand

Consumers are tuning in to the possibilities of mobile TV. Half of U.S. consumers would consider viewing programs on their smartphones and tablets according to a new survey conducted by Mobile Content Venture, the broadcaster alliance behind the forthcoming Dyle mobile TV effort. 

Judge rejects broadcasters' request to halt Aereo streaming TV service

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that startup Aereo can continue streaming live television programming to smartphones and tablets, despite broadcasters' claims that the service violates copyright law.