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Latest Headlines

Swiss-based startup Gamaya raises over $3.2M to develop agricultural drones

Gamaya, a Switzerland-based agricultural drone provider, has raised 3.2 million Swiss francs (US $3.23 million) in a Series A funding round. The company uses hyperspectral imaging, drones and artificial intelligence to aid the agriculture industry.

Trimble, Raven partner to help farmers with data mobility

Farmers, growers and agronomists alike can now be even more mobile with the integration of agricultural tech company Raven's Slingshot moible devices and application programming interface with Trimble's Connected Farm platform.

Tethered drones could be a game changer in some industries

Tethered drones could be the answer to many of the woes companies have regarding drone use. Folks in agriculture could find tethered drones quite useful in ground surveying, and CNN is looking to use tethered drones for news coverage. 

Commercial, industrial use of IoT to fuel tripling of devices by 2020, says Juniper

The commercial, industrial and public services sectors are expected to fuel growth in the Internet of Things, with the number of IoT connected devices forecast by Juniper Research tripling to 38 billion units by 2020.

Farming may become biggest market for commercial drones

Farmers are looking to use drones to save time, money and manpower. The Federal Aviation Administration, still working on official drone regulation, has granted over 50 exemptoins for farm-related operations so far this year. 

Breaking the law for a better yield: Drones, agriculture and FAA delays

New rules regarding commercial drone use were proposed in February, though there's no telling if or when those rules will actually be approved, and some folks in agriculture have decided they don't want to wait.

New drone app aids agriculture, construction, mining and real estate industries

DroneDeploy, a start-up specializing in software for commercial drone operations, has launched a mobile app that helps users in a range of industries automate drones and receive real-time images and analytics.

Big data's big role in feeding the world

Now we have even more people to feed on even fewer resources on top of the challenge of protecting the earth. Can big data find an answer to all that and move us into The Evergreen Revolution?

Connected cows are 'udderly' amazing

NTT DoCoMo unveiled at the Mobile World Congress a machine-to-machine, or perhaps mammal-to-machine, product that uses a thermal sensor attached to a pregnant cow to monitor whether the cow is about to give birth in order to reduce calf mortality.

7 big data lessons for farming

For every industry, farming included, data analysis is no longer a matter of developing a competitive edge, but a means to stay in business.